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Hamilton Parts Manual

This vintage Hamilton parts catalog is from the late 1960's and details the part numbers for the majority of pre-1969 movements.  You simply need to know what type part you're looking for and the  grade of the movement.

Click on a photo to bring up a larger version of an individual page and you can scroll through the parts manual from there.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I have been looking for a place to find something like this!

  2. I have a auto date self winding Hamilton Voyager s-91154. Does anyone know what year this watch was made? It has never been worn.

  3. HandyDan,

    I have recently come in possession of a Hamilton watch that belonged to my grandfather. I’d welcome any assistance with having it repaired. Please email me jabooth433(at)gmail.com

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  5. I have a auto date self winding Hamilton Pan-europ SN 694A. Does anyone know what year this watch was made? Thanks

  6. HandyDan,

    I have a Hamilton Lexington stainless steel watch just like the one in your photo of it on your wrist. It is like new. It has NO crystal, though. Can you please direct me to a resource which would list the crystal size and thickness, so I can order a replacement crystal on Esslinger and install it myself with the crystal glue I have? Did this (original) have a plastic crystal? Thank you a lot for taking the time to reply.

    Mark Dembert

    1. Glass. Best to order a BB HB high dome crystal in whatever diameter you measure to the nearest tenth mm. I don’t recall the size but a BB HB style works perfectly.