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Saturday, August 12, 2017

1957 Lincrest

There's an interesting bit of Hamilton trivia involving a few different models from the 1950's that shared the same cases.  One example is the Transcontinental A and the Automatic K-455.  Another is the Cross Country II and the 1957 Lincrest.

The 1957 Lincrest was produced for two years.

The Lincrest is a very unique-looking watch and has a complicated dial with radiating lines that look like a star-burst.  Two dial options were available, black or white.  Personally I think the dial makes reading the time a little difficult but it's still a very sharp looking model.  If it looks a little familiar, it might be because it looks a lot like a 1958 Automatic K-409.

Tucked inside the case is an 18 jewel Lancaster-made 735 movement.

I recently received a Lincrest from a friend and it was in need of a little TLC.  It would run and stop.  Black dialed watches are very popular.  One of the challenges of a black dialed watch is they show every little spec of dust and lint that falls on, or within, the crystal.

I like the red-tipped second hand, without that the second hand would get lost in all of the golden radiating lines.

The stainless steel back looks almost as if this was a one-piece case, but it's not.

If you look very closely at the rear cover you can see there's a slight lip between the lugs.  I can slip my case knife in there and pop back cover off.

Here's something you don't see every day - a Hamilton strap.  Is it original to the watch?  Possibly.

Here's one potential reason for the intermittent running.  Notice the second hand is flared upward.  It might be rubbing the inside of the crystal and stopping the watch.

The 735 is a shock jeweled version of the older 748 movement.  This one is in good shape but could stand to be cleaned.

Notice the inside of the case back is stamped "Cross Country II" and misguidedly makes identifying this model problematic.  Although the only difference between the Cross Country II and the Lincrest is the dial.

Speaking of the dial, this one has all the indications of being original.  There are no markings on the case back whatsoever.

The crystal that came on the watch is a bit beat up so I will replace it.  Looks like a 28.7mm diameter crystal will be required.

A GS PHD high dome crystal should do nicely.

Everything is cleaned and readied for reassembly.

The 735 and 748 can be challenging movements to reassemble but this one came together pretty easily and it's back to running smoothly.

Oops... I spoke too soon.  Something inside is making a lot of noise, relatively speaking.  I'll reclean the hairspring and try again.

There... that's much better.  I'll leave it running a smidgen fast for now.

This watch really came together nicely.  I was able to clean the dial, polish the case and with a new crystal this watch is ready for wrist time.

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