Thanks for visiting my vintage Hamilton watch blog. I like to restore US-made Hamilton wrist watches back to their original glory and share my experiences with other enthusiasts. Use the "Search" space below if you know what model you're looking for. Feel free to leave polite comments or questions in the spaces provided. Also check out my "watches for sale" on my Etsy site - the link is on the right, just below.

1930's models...

1930 Coronado or This one with a hinge repair
1930 Gladstone
1930 Illinois Galahad / Kenilworth
1930 Langley
1930 Raleigh
1931 Clinton / Greeley
1931 Cushion B
1931 Greenwich
1931 Illinois Ensign
1931 Palisade
1931 Perry
1931 Square B
1932 Andrews
1932 Mount Vernon
1932 Oakmont
1932 Webster
1932 Whitney
1933 Lee or this 1933 Lee
1933 Grant
1933 Putnam
1933 Scott
1935 Ardmore
1935 Bartley
1935 Boone
1935 Cabot
1935 Calvin
1935 Carson
1935 Custer
1935 Dixon
1935 Drake
1935 Fairchild Gun Camera Watch
1935 Ellsworth
1935 Lowell
1935 Mason
1935 Nelson
1935 Prescott
1935 Richmond
1935 Rutledge or this one
1935 Seckron
1935 Seneca / Sherwood
1935 Turner
1935 Wayne
1935 Winslow
1936 Clark
1936 Dorsey
1936 Lawrence
1936 Morley
1936 Norfolk
1936 Randolph
1936 Taylor
1936 Watson
1937 Bentley
1937 Cameron
1937 Carlisle
1937 Elliott
1937 Harris
1937 Heyward
1937 Merritt
1937 Sutton
1937 Sidney
1937 Talbot
1938 Allison
1938 Brooke
1938 Contour
1938 Dickens
1938 Dodson
1938 Dunkirk
1938 Endicott
1938 Gilman
1938 Linwood
1938 Otis
1938 Reagan
1939 Bagley
1939 Bowman
1939 Brock
1939 Foster
1939 Medwick
1939 Ross
1939 Wilshire
1939 Winthrop
1939 Coral Winthrop


  1. I came across a very unique 14kt hamilton today..I need your email please..tired the link and would not go thru...

  2. You can also reach me through my Etsy shop…


    1. Hi, I really am enjoying your site... are you aware that there is a problem with the "1935 Richmond''? When I click on it I am directed to eBay site!

      Keep up the great work!

    2. Thanks Michael - I fixed it.

  3. Thanks so much for this site I use it so much and am so thankful for you it is a labor of love that benefits many of us.

    1. It’s my pleasure. I’m glad I’ve been able to keep it going so long. It gets better and better over time.

    2. What a great reference site! I have acquired a Rutledge that I would like to restore and get appraised. What would you suggest?

  4. Hello, my great aunt gifted me a 30's (possibly 40's) old ladies Hamilton. Would you be able to help me identify the model? jeremyzachary@gmail.com

  5. Hello sir,
    As a graduation gift to myself, I bought a Hamilton wrist watch a few years ago that I was told was an early 40s model. I'm having difficulty identifying it though. Could I send you a picture and you tell me your thoughts? My email is jamesrichardshamblin @ gmail.com
    Many thanks

    1. That email address isn’t working for me. Contact me through Etsy or use the “clicking here” link above my picture at the top of the screen

  6. Is there a way to find year of watch without taking back or going to jeweler? It looks a lot like a 37 Heyward. Love your site. So look many watches!