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1970's models

1970 4005-3
1970 Chrono-Diver
1970's Ladies' Pendant
1971 Dateline A-587
1971 Dateline A-588
1971 Dateline TM-5902
1971 Day N' Date 6001
1971 Day N' Date 6002
1971 Thin-o-matic TM-4801
1972 Dateline A-593
1973 Accumatic A-517
1973 Auto Cal Reliance
1973 Auto Cal Sovereign
1973 Auto Saratoga / Yorktowne
1970 Thinline 192373
1970's Thinline 19001-3
1976 GG-W-113
1977 Mil-W-43674B


  1. Do you have areview of the 1970 cal 666 microrotor .thanks

    1. I just did a 666 the other day. See the T-500

  2. I would like to know if there s a way to have a watch band custom made or remade to fit a certain watch. I do realize that they are not your specialty, but you might know a thing or two about them. I have a 1970-1977 Hamilton led watch that has a rare case design. If there was a way to describe it, I would say that the end of the band is in the shape of "normal" lugs, and the case has the "normal" shape of the end of a band. Hamilton was the first manufacturer of led watches, and this band is rather hard to find. the band I had was destroyed, I will not expose how
    (as this information might "incriminate" me) it was destroyed, but I need to find a band for it. Any information will be of great help.

    1. Most of the digital watches from the '70's that I'm aware of had integrated bracelets. So when you say a "band" do you mean a bracelet or a strap?

      You might find a decent matching bracelet on eBay if you know the maker of the original bracelet (should be stamped underneath it somewhere). Certainly straps are often an option too and there are a variety of materials to choose from (silicone, exotic skins, etc).

      Things get tricky when the bracelet requires special ends to accommodate the watch case. Often those ends are replaceable though. So knowing the maker of the old bracelet will help you find a replacement and even if it has different ends you might be able to swap them with yours - as long as they're in good shape.

      Or you might be screwed... in which case it sounds like you might already have that coming to you.

    2. It is a bracelet, and yes, I'm probably screwed in this case. I have been looking around on eBay. There is a serial number on the case back, 993376. I personally haven't a single clue about serial numbers, but you might know a thing or two about them. Anyway, thanks for the help.