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Overhaul Examples

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How to install a watch crystal

How to change a crown

Replacing a Balance Staff

Poising a Balance

Dial Refinishing Examples

Personalized Dials

Coronado / Piping Rock Hinge Repair

19 jewel 401
22 jewel 4992B
17 jewel 620
17 jewel 623
17 jewel 624
17 jewel 628
17 jewel 629
17 jewel 658
17 jewel 661
17 jewel 662
17 jewel 663
23 jewel 665
17 jewel 666
17 jewel 667
17 jewel 671
17 jewel 674
17 jewel 676
17 jewel 677
17 jewel 679
17 jewel 681
17 jewel 686
17 jewel 687
17 jewel 688
17 jewel 689
17 jewel 692
17 jewel 694A
18 jewel 735
18 jewel 736
17 jewel 747
18 jewel 748
19 jewel 753
19 jewel 754
22 jewel 770
17 jewel 818
17 jewel 822
17 jewel 826
19 jewel 900
17 jewel 914
23 Jewel 922
17 jewel 973
19 jewel 979
17 jewel 980
17 jewel 980 (early example)
19 jewel 982
19 jewel 982 (early example)
17 jewel 986
17 jewel 986A
17 jewel 987A
17 jewel 987-F
17 jewel 987-E
17 jewel 987S
17 jewel 989
17 jewel Illinois TXD
21 jewel 992
21 jewel 992B
17 jewel 997 ladies movement
23 jewel 950B
21 jewel Model 22 Marine Chronometer

17 jewel modern Hamilton 2804-2


  1. I came across a pretty watch in a 2nd hand store and got it for my granddaughters to play with like a lot of their jewelry. But some said I need to have it checked out before letting them pack it off and lose it. Well I have tried and came up with a lot of neat info but means nothing to me! Can someone help me if I post a picture or words & number's? thank you in advance.

    1. You can send me a photo through Etsy or by email. If it’s a Hamilton Watch I can probably identify it.

  2. Hey Dan. I have a Hamilton Barton that needs to have the face restored. Someone cleaned it years ago and took off the decal logo. Any thoughts on who can do this for me? Is that something you do?


    1. The dial can be removed and sent to International Dial Co. They will do a fine job for you.

  3. Found a ladies Hamilton at yard sale I can't find a close match on any websites to tell how old it is but it has numbers on back but they bring nothing up

  4. I got a Hamilton face watch at a yard sale inside a box of many different vintage items. It says its a 987f 4182172 and it has other stuff engraved on the inside of the back under the name. I know nothing about watches. I keep looking for it online but I'm confused due to the hands mostly. I can see thru the hands but I can't on most pictures I find. Also what could the engraving be about? It has E3783 E4329 E4478, the H43449841 and 78 above the 34 of that number. Hope I'm making sense. The winding stem fell out of it but was with it in the box as well. Glass is chipped some and the inside area looks clean but a few scraps and small ding or two. Not sure if it works but looks like it could with repair. I'm guessing that could be pricey from what I have saw so far. Thank you for the info. I have found out more here than any place else so far.

    1. Beats me. Perhaps you can send me a picture. I can be reached through my Etsy shop or the “contact me” link above my picture in the web version of my site

  5. My grandfather left me his Hamilton watch and I would like to know if you can clean and get running again. I’m not sure witch model it is. What is the best way to get you a picture of this watch to work up an estimate?