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1940s models...

1940 Boulton
1940 Coral Brock
1940 Coral Essex
1940 Coral Midas
1940 Coral Ross
1940 Coral Wilshire
1940 Emerson
1940 Essex
1940 Judson
1940 Midas
1940 Paige
1940 Russell
1940 Seckron
1940 Sentinel
1940 Stanford
1940 Touraine
1940 Vincent
1940 Whitman
1940 Yorktowne
1941 Barry
1941 Coral Martin
1941 Coral Myron
1941 Douglas
1941 Gilbert
1941 Gordon
1941 Lester
1941 Lexington or this one 
1941 Martin
1941 Myron
1941 Rodney
1941 Wesley
1946 Alan
1946 Donald
1946 Norman
1946 Secometer or Overhaul
1946 Vancott
1948 992B Railroad Pocket Watch
1948 Ashley
1948 Barton
1948 Brandon or this one
1948 Chatelaine
1948 Dennis
1948 Dunham
1948 Dwight
1948 Dyson
1948 Eaton
1948 Eric
1948 Forbes
1948 Glenn
1948 Hayden
1948 Kirk
1948 Langdon (or Lange) CLD
1948 Milton or Milton
1948 Neil
1948 Nordon CLD
1948 Perry
1948 Roland
1948 Secometer B
1948 Secometer C
1949 Clinton
1949 Darrell
1949 Dewitt
1949 Dexter
1949 Lange CLD
1949 Norde CLD
1949 Raymon
1949 Todd

Understanding the Various Military Models
WWII US Military Tea Cup Wrist Watch
WWII US Navy Comparing Watch
WWII US Navy Canteen Dive Watch
WWII US Navy 27023
WWII US Navy Aviators 2987 watch
WWII US Marine Corps Aviators 2987 watch
WWII US Navy 4992B Navigators Watch
WWII US Navy Non-Gimbaled Model 22 Marine Chronometer
WWII US Navy Gimbaled Model 22 Marine Chronometer
WWII US Navy H-37500 Elapsed Time Clock
WWII Model 23 Navigator's Chronograph
WWII Fairchild Gun Camera watch 
Korean War-era USMC Military Watch


  1. I do not see the 1948 Kirk on this list that I own. Is this one valuable

  2. It's not on the list (yet) because I haven't had one pass through my hands. Someday it'll be on the list. As for is it valuable? - you bet! It's solid 14K gold.

  3. Hey Dan,

    Again - great site! As I go through all of these pages that catalog your terrific restoration and collection, I'm curious, with the dizzying number of models, which ones in each decade represent the collector's "must haves" or "holy grail"?

    Obviously, as a hobbyist and collector of many other things, I realize that is subjective...but I'm curious if there are certain Hamiltons that keep you going to estate sales or scouring ebay to find as a deal.

    Care to share?

    1. Grails are definitely a highly personal choice. The problem with grails, though, is they are usually rare AND desirable - which means they are expensive.

      If money was no object I would pursue a "Pacermatic" - which is rare and desirable and would likely run $3000 or more. But since money is an object, I tend to focus on watches that are rare OR desirable - as they are more within my reach.

      Happy hunting...

    2. Handy Dan, do you do re-dials? I have a Hamilton military from the late '40s, early '50s which has a pronounced radium burn, but otherwise is in very good shape.

  4. I just bought a watch that says Hamilton w.co Lancaster pa s704204 on the inside , it's square shaped, 747 movement , 14k gold filled, and I cannot find any information on it. Do you have any idea what watch this might be?

  5. The case serial number really doesn't matter on watches from this era. Send me a photo of the watch using my email address when you click above my photo or send me a photo through my Etsy shop and I will tell you what it is.

  6. I received a watch as a gift from my father in law and I've identified it as a Myron model but I'm confused. I thought Myron had a 980 movement and mine has a 982 movement. Why does it have a different movement?

    1. Being in a 10K GF case, a Myron would have originally left Lancaster with a 980. If your watch has a 14K GF case maybe it's a different model that would have a 982. But assuming it's a Myron, it's possible that a 982 was installed at the original purchaser's request. However, it's more likely that at some point in the past 70 years, the original movement had an issue and a 982 was dropped in it's place.

      The 982 is a "superior" movement so there's nothing wrong with a replacement. It's when you have a solid gold watch that should have a 982 and there's a 980 inside that people should frown a little.

    2. You are very knowledgeable! Thank you for that info! the movement on mine is not running, so I am looking at purchasing a 982 M to replace it with.

  7. Where can i get information on where to send a watch to you for restoration> website?

  8. Hello Dan, I just purchased a Hamilton "Kirk" c1951 and don't know where to start with it, It seems to work with light winding, I'm afraid to wind it too much. Appraisal or cleaning? How desirable is this watch?

    1. You should send it to a watchmaker for an overhaul. Once it's been cleaned and oiled you can use it to your heart's content. It's a nice model... I'll be adding one to my blog shortly.

  9. Hi Dan.. My mother in law was left a Hamilton watch by her mother and we cant find no info on it, cant get the back off seems stuck.. its a gold watch with what looks like rubies/diamond- and is a closed faced watch, 20,s or 30,s we think.. Any help ?

    1. Feel free to peruse the ladies catalogs and see if you can spot it. http://www.vintagewatchforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=2754

  10. my name is al HI I have a retulanger hamiliton with curved glass crystal.
    no on watch is 7745707.
    the watch is in great shape and runs good. what year is it.
    possible 1945 model?

    1. Your description doesn't really narrow the list of options. What is the case material, does the dial have all numerals or does it have markers, etc? Case serial numbers don't indicate much, unfortunately.

  11. I have a watch that looks like the 1940 Judson, but the face is plain, not 2 tone. I see you have pictures of a single tone face, but mine is different. The "box" for the second had is "square", not "bowed" as your watch is. The watch is much more a "gold" color. Any idea what I have? Thanks.

  12. Actually, the box for the second hand is slightly bowed, but the inner circle is much darker/thicker and "touches" the box on all four sides. Thanks again.

    1. I can't be sure without seeing a photo. You can email me through Etsy or by clicking the link above my photo in the upper right of the screen.

  13. I have a Hamilton 14 K Gold S & W men's watch with speidel band . I don't know what year it was made or the model.

    1. Send me a photo and I'll tell you what it is. You can contact me through Etsy.

  14. I have a watch ive been trying to find. It has a unique case and a masonic dial. The movement is a 689a automatic

    1. It's most likely a 1960s Accumatic and based on the case material it's a 4, 5 or 6, series unless it's solid gold. If it's gold filled it'll be a 400 series, stainless steel is a 500 series and RGP is 600 something. You can also send me a photo through my Etsy shop.

  15. I have a Hamilton watch that was my fathers. I am assuming it's was in the 40"S. I have no idea what model it is. It is a rectangle style with numbers for the time. it has a round dial for a second hand along with a rectangle back outline around the second hand. can you ID this without a picture.

    1. Alan, Boulton, Bowman, Emerson come to mind. A picture is worth a thousand words

  16. Hi Dan, I have a Hamilton Grade 973 Model 2, 16s, 17J, Hunting Adjusted 5 positions. I noted that not many were made of this type. I opened the case and yes they are works of art. Was wondering of a reputable dealer who can fix it. It is hard to wind, but works, and I can not adjust the hands. Is it worth refurbishing?

    1. Is it lever set or pendant set? That’s a big difference. Any competent watchmaker could service it. Email me or contact me through Etsy for recommendations.

  17. Thanks Dan. It is lever set and once you asked found out how to set the hands. It works and keeps decent time. Thanks again

  18. Bought a Hamilton movement on a whim its a 1949 982M according to internet research. Guessing out of a Brock or Gilbert by looking thru the 1949 catalog. Is it worth trying to get it working again then piece a watch back together around it or is it junk I should just toss?

  19. Can you send me your email so I can send you a photo of my vintage Hamilton so you can tell me about the watch. Thx. Rob @ Robert Skead . Com

  20. Can you tell me the correct crystal size for a 1941 model MFR'S part NO. 4992B Serial NO. AF-42-8467 Hamilton US Navy Navigation Watch. What material Is the origanal crystal made of and where to get a auth. replacement crystal.
    Thank you for a prompt reply.

    1. Glass, there’s nothing special about it, just a medium high dome open faced crystal in whatever diameter you measure.

  21. I have a Hamilton Watch model 22-21 jewels number 722 belonging to the US Navy, which is not in ideal condition in appearance, but it is healthy and working, it was last overhauled in 1975.
    Can I sell it?

  22. I have a Hamilton Electronic s/n 974372, given to me by my late father in law back in approx. 1982. It does not run any more and had it in a drawer for a long time. Is it worth having it fixed if so how much do you think it might cost me ???

  23. I have a Hamilton Jeffery with a 980 movement. The dial and case are in good condition and the dial is two tone. Any idea what years the watch was produced?

  24. The Jeffrey is a 1950s model so look on the 1950s page

  25. I have a Hamilton watch from 1941but did not found one on your 1941 list.
    It has 987-F caliber. How can I show you the picture?

    1. Hamilton stopped making the 987F in 1934 so your 1941 watch match may be in an aftermarket (non Hamilton) case.

  26. which watch case company made those long and thin sold 14k white gold or platinum Hamilton. Someone told me that Hamilton did not but another company did

    1. The answer to that is "it depends" but looking inside the case back would tell you. For example the outside of the Rutledge says L&K

  27. I have my father's Hamilton Paige given to him by my mother sometime in 1941 or possibly early 1942 before he went to war. It is smallish but I'll carefully wind it and put it on my wrist for the fun of it.