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1920s models...

1916 Ladies Bracelet Watch
1918 Trench Watch
1924 Ladies Round
1924 Cushion or Later Cushions
1927 Ladies' Tonneau
1927 Square Cut Corner
1927 Barrel or Barrel
1927 Tonneau
1928 Hastings
1928 Illinois Mate
1928 Meadobrook
1928 Oval
1928 Piping Rock or Piping Rock


  1. Hello,

    Do you have information about the Chevy Chase? I'm not sure what years it was made.

    1. The Chevy Chase is a ladies model from 1929 and into the 1930's. There are several variations... A, B, C, etc.

  2. I believe I have a 1927 men's wrist watch but don't see it on this page

    1. Send me a photo through Etsy or my email and I’ll tell you what I think

  3. i have a mens hamilton watch that was giving to me by my father a few weeks ago. ive been trying to find it online but with no success. pat number as follows on wristband 2.689.450 on back it says 10k rop bezel stainless steel back? thank you alan l vetree jr

    1. You're welcome to send a photo to me through Etsy or by email. My email address is available when you click the link above my photo. If the case has an RGP (rolled gold plate) with a stainless steel back it's from 1954 or later - otherwise it's not an authentic model. Beyond that I would need to see a photo.