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1960's models

1960 Mystery Accumatic
1960's Mystery Accumatic 4000-3
1960's Mystery Accumatic 63009-3
1960's Mystery K-series
1960's Zentra Savoy
1960 Ansley
1960 Automatic K-303
1960 Automatic K-414
1960 Automatic K-416
1960 Automatic K-417
1960 Automatic K-459
1960 Automatic K-460
1960 Automatic K-475
1960 Boulton II
1960 Carson
1960 First Mate
1960 Kinematic II
1960 Romanesque S
1960 Romanesque T
1960 Sea Breeze
1960 Sea Cliff
1960 Sea Ranger
1960 Sea Rover
1960 Stormking VI
1960 Thinline 2000
1960 Thinline 3000
1960 Thinline 4000
1960 Thinline 5000
1960 Thinomatic T-403
1960 Thinomatic T-475
1960 Thinomatic T-502
1961 Attaché
1961 Automatic K-418
1961 Automatic K-420
1961 Accumatic A-501
1961 Accumatic A-575 Calendar
1961 Accumatic A-600
1961 Accumatic A-650
1961 Accumatic A-651
1961 Accumatic VIII-B
1961 Bentley
1961 Chatelaine II
1961 Glendon
1961 Holden
1961 M59-1
1961 M69-1
1961 M-79-1 
1961 M89-1 (or -2)
1961 M110-1
1961 Pacermatic (Pacer A)
1961 Ramsey
1961 Sea Scout B
1961 Sea Guard
1961 Sea Skip
1961 Sherwood N
1961 Sherwood R or 1961 Sherwood R
1961 Stormking VII
1961 Stormking IX
1961 Talbot
1961 Viking II
1962 Accumatic A-400
1962 Accumatic A-500
1962 Accumatic A-652
1962 Blade
1962 Boyd
1962 Dodson
1962 Gary
1962 Golden Tempo R
1962 Huntley
1962 Jeffrey
1962 Lindsay
1962 M 79-2
1962 Montclair II
1962 Perry
1962 Rayburn
1962 Seaman
1962 Seaton
1966 Sea Ranger II
1966 Thinline 2017
1966 Thin-o-matic T-416
1967 M 69-4
1967 Thin-o-matic TM-5800
1968 Accumatic A-203
1968 Accumatic A-508
1968 Accumatic A-509
1968 Accumatic A-510
1968 Accumatic A-607
1968 Accumatic A-608
1968 Andrew
1968 Chronograph A
1968 Dateline A-476
1968 Dateline A-583
1968 Dateline A-585
1968 Dateline A-586
1968 Dateline S-576
1968 Dateline S-577
1968 Dateline TM-2901
1968 Dateline TM-4900
1968 Dateline 64028-3 and 64028-4
1968 Fontainebleau
1968 Lord Lancaster AA
1968 Lord Lancaster BB
1968 Lord Lancaster CC
1968 Lord Lancaster FF
1968 Mystery Accumatic
1968 Sea Crest III
1968 Sea Haven II
1968 Sea Rover III
1968 Sea Skip II
1968 Seaward II
1968 Thinline 4009
1968 Thinline 5003
1968 Thinline 6000
1968 Thinline 6500
1968 Thinline 6503
1968 Thinline 6504
1968 Thinline 6505
1968 Thinline 6508
1968 Thinline 6509
1968 Thinline 6510


  1. I have a square Hamilton purchased and engraved in June 1968. Ideas about where I might get it valued?

    1. Value depends on what it is and it's condition. You can send me a photo at my email address (found when you "click here" above my photo) or by contacting me through Etsy.

  2. Would you have a date changer (date drive wheel) caliber 64 for a vintage Hamilton watch, 1960's I think? It may be part #a/4637 or eta ref #2472.


    Shane Seldon


    1. No, but I'm sure any parts house (Casker, Ofrei, Barton and Chase, J Borel, etc) would be able to hook you up.

  3. Is a 1965 t-480 rare?

    1. Depends on what you mean by rare. On the one hand, it was made for several years. On the other hand, I've never seen one. There are lots of watches I've never seen though - are they all rare?

  4. Where is the K475? Did I miss you listing it?

    1. I haven't done a K475 yet. That's a rare bird... and super expensive.

  5. Hello sir, I am currently trying to figure out which older Hamilton Thinomatic I am an owner of. It was given to my great grandfather for his retirement from the company he worked for. It is engraved on the back in 1964 and is 14K gold. May I please have contact information for you so I might send you some detailed photos so I can learn more about this watch. Never interested in selling, too much connection for me to do that. Thank you for any help you may offer.


    1. Contact me through my Etsy shop or by clicking the link above the ad above my photo.

  6. Hello I have a vintage Hamilton Medalist watch and I;m trying to figure out the date and what its worth can u help me?

    1. If you send me a photo of the watch through Etsy or by email by clicking the link above my photo in the upper right, I can probably tell you more about it.

  7. Hi - I just purchased a watch at an auction and was told it's a sea beach III. I'm not seeing that on your website. Does that model exist?

    1. Yes, it was made in 1968. It's a stainless steel watch with a radial finished dial and a thin silver chapter ring around the perimeter. It's not on my website because I haven't restored one yet. Email me if you'd like me to take it on for you.

  8. hello. i purchased a Hamilton dateline. it has selfwinding written on the dial. i don't see it on your site though. is this made in 1968?

    1. If it says "Selfwinding" on the dial then it's likely a 1970's model. Prior to the 1970's automatics had "Automatic" or "Thin-o-matic" on the dial.

  9. Do you have any recommendations as to where to get an Arthur repaired and serviced?

    1. Any competent watchmaker can handle it. Email me or contact me through Etsy and I’ll give you some options or you can check the AWCI.com website.

  10. Hi Dan. I have a Thinomatic but it doesn’t seem to be any of the ones you have listed here. If I sent you a picture could you tell me more about it?

  11. I have just found my Dad's 25 year service watch from Goodyear tire and Rubber. It has his name and 1970 on the back. It is a Hamilton and I just took it to a guy to service it. It is a very thin face watch and I was just wondering if you think it may be a thin-o-matic from the date on the back.Thanks

    1. As the guy you took it to what movement is inside. Usually Thin-o-matics say that on the dial but not always.

  12. Would like to know Model name and year for the round-faced Hamilton Electric my dad gave me for high school graduation in 1965. Would like to send you a photo. The back says 10k gold fill. —Tom

    1. Look it up here... http://www.vintagewatchforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=589&start=90

  13. Hello Handy Dan. I'm not a blogger so pardon awkwardness of this post. Have a 1960s tv type Hamilton watch. Been in storage for ~ 45 years. Crystal falls-off sometimes. Scratched. Do you restore such items? Clean, new crystal? - Mike

    1. I do. Contact me through Etsy or using the email that comes up when you click the "contact me" link above my picture (on the desktop version of the blog)

  14. I have a RR special Hamilton that has a number P808386. Is this a railroad watch and who repairs these?

    1. Is that the case serial number? If so, it’s not relevant. It’s the movement serial number that matters.

  15. I'm looking at a Hamilton Errol. I am fond of the aesthetic of this particular watch. Do you have any information on the Errol?

    1. Yes, it was made in 1955


  16. Greetings:

    I'm looking to purchase a Women's 25mm Hamilton Electroplated w/date, brown dial, second hand has a red arrow tip at the end,
    circa late 60's early 70's. In the watch I want to purchase, the movement is an eta 2551 with the number 693. When comparing others of the same model, the number reads 704, eta 2651. Is it normal for these movements to be interchangeable?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Not unless there was an advancement and the initial movement was discontinued. I don’t really follow ladies models though