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1950's models

1950 Austin
1950 Cedric
1950 Keith
1950 Lambert
1950 Sherwood
1950 Spencer
1950 Steeldon
1950 Vardon CLD
1951 Bailey
1951 Beldon CLD
1951 Blake
1951 Boyd
1951 Brent
1951 Carlton
1951 Clyde
1951 Emery
1951 Gary
1951 Grover
1951 Jeffrey
1951 Kirby
1951 Scott
1951 Stuart
1952 Fleetwood
1952 Franklin
1952 Gordon-B
1952 Kennett
1953 Adrian
1953 Berkshire
1953 Brockton
1953 Carl
1953 Coleman
1953 Cranston
1953 Croydon
1953 Curtiss
1953 Dixon
1953 Foster
1953 Gilmore
1953 Haddon CLD
1953 Illinois Automatic Model A
1953 Illinois Automatic Model B
1953 Illinois Debonair Model D
1953 Illinois Signamatic
1953 Illinois Topper B
1953 Kingdon CLD
1953 Lindsay
1953 Lyndon CLD
1953 Medford
1953 Neilsen
1953 Preston
1953 Raleigh
1953 Reardon CLD
1953 Robert
1953 Rodney
1953 Ryan
1953 Sedgman
1953 Sheldon CLD
1953 Sherman
1953 Stafford
1953 Turner
1953 Windsor
1954 Automatic K-200 CLD
1954 Automatic K-300
1954 Automatic K-350
1954 Automatic K-400 CLD
1954 Automatic K-500
1954 Automatic K-501
1954 Automatic K-502 or this K-502
1954 Automatic K-550
1954 Automatic K-575 Calendar
1954 Automatic K-5XX
1954 Blair
1954 Bradford
1954 Illinois Automatic D
1954 Illinois Datomatic A
1954 Fulton
1954 Illinois Signamatic B
1954 Kenmore
1954 Kevin
1954 Leslie
1954 Morton
1954 Parker
1954 Standwick
1954 Townsend
1954 Tracy
1954 Vernon
1954 Wallace
1954 Wilson
1955 Amherst and with AGN dial
1955 Automatic K-100
1955 Automatic K-150
1955 Automatic K-250
1955 Automatic K-351
1955 Automatic K-352
1955 Automatic K-375
1955 Automatic K-402
1955 Automatic K-403
1955 Automatic K-451
1955 Automatic K-454 Sputnik
1955 Automatic K-503
1955 Automatic K-504
1955 Mystery K-2-something
1955 Baxter
1955 Brewster
1955 Clark
1955 Croydon CLD
1955 Cyril
1955 Dorsey
1955 Errol
1955 Grenadier
1955 Grenadier II
1955 Lamar
1955 Lyle and Lyle B
1955 Malcolm
1955 Murray
1955 Pelham
1955 Powell
1955 Russell
1955 Samson
1955 Sawyer
1955 Stormking I
1955 Stormking II
1955 Stormking III
1955 Stormking IV & V
1955 Surf
1955 Trent
1955 Tyrone
1955 Ward
1955 Wynn
1956 Accumatic
1956 Accumatic II
1956 Accumatic II with Power Reserve
1956 Automatic K-202
1956 Automatic K-404
1956 Automatic K-405
1956 Automatic K-406
1956 Automatic K-407
1956 Automatic K-455
1956 Automatic K-456
1956 Automatic K-576
1956 Cabot B
1956 Casino
1956 Clive
1956 Cross Country II
1956 Edgemere B
1956 Essex and 1957 Dial Version
1956 Gallant B
1956 Guardsman II
1956 Guardsman III
1956 Halesworth B
1956 Landon B
1956 Paxton B
1956 Sinclair
1956 Stormking IV Military
1956 Transcontinental "A"
1956 Whitman
1957 Aqualine
1957 Arnold
1957 Astramatic II
1957 Automatic K-203
1957 Automatic K-453
1957 Bradford B Diamond Dial
1957 Cadet
1957 Colby
1957 Crispin
1957 Cullen
1957 Dean
1957 Grant
1957 Jason
1957 Kinematic
1957 Lincrest
1957 Nautilus II
1957 Paxton
1957 Rotomatic I
1957 Rotomatic II
1957 Seabrook
1957 Sir Echo
1957 Thincraft I
1957 Thincraft II
1957 Ventura
1957 Viking
1957 Winfield
1958 Automatic K-408
1958 Automatic K-409
1958 Automatic K-411
1958 Automatic K-412
1958 Accumatic III
1958 Accumatic IV
1958 Accumatic V
1958 Boatswain
1958 Carlyle
1958 Chapman
1958 Clearview
1958 Coburn
1958 Courtney
1958 Deauville
1958 Drummond
1958 Gramercy
1958 Harrow
1958 Keane
1958 Khyber
1958 Lowell
1958 Newlin
1958 Norman
1958 Randolph
1958 Rotomatic III


  1. Thanks for your blog. Well done! I have my father's Hamilton Dorsey ca 1955 that I am going to have serviced and it needs a winding stem. How can I get the proper stem for this watch? Thanks

  2. hi
    i have a Mens Hamilton watch, the glass broke, this face looks like its turning grayish , the inside looks brand new, its 19 jewel, can it be fixed? does not work,,

  3. i have a Mens Hamilton watch, Automatic K-350, cal 661. Asked about the details of this line. Is it produced in 1954 not. Thanks

    1. Yes, the K-350 was only produced in 1954.

    2. on the bottom shell: 10k gold bezel, Is this 10k gold ring? or gold filled, gold rolled ? tks HandyDan!

    3. Yes - the bezel is solid yellow 10K gold - that's denoted by the 3 in the 350 name. The back is stainless steel, and that's represted by the 5 in 350. The 0 in 350 means it was the first solid 10K model with a stainless back.

      There's a 351 and a 352 out there as well... those also have solid 10K bezels with stainless steel backs.

      A 400-series watch is 14K gold filled, a 600 series is rolled gold plate (RGP), 500 series watches are all stainless steel. 200 is solid 14K and there are also a few 100-series watches - they are solid 18K.

    4. Useful information, thank HandyDan!

  4. Dan: How many years did Hamilton make the "Wilson"? What year did Hamilton begin using the stylized "slash" "H" on the dial face? About 1958? What ties the two questions together is that I own two "Wilsons". One has a plain dial and the other has the "H" logo. A catalogue says that the "Wilson" was first on the market in 1954. Would the folks in Lancaster incorporate the "H" logo on some of these and not others?

    1. The Wilson was made from 1954 through 1960. Hamilton had a developing relationship with A. Huguenin Fils during the 1950s and in March 1959 they purchased the Huguenin watch company of Bienne, Switzerland. The funky stylized H logo that Hamilton used appears (at least to my eye) to be the same logo Huguenin used. As for the Wilson, I don't think that model ever had anything on the dial other than HAMILTON (based on catalogs) so if you have an H on the dial, it might be a refinished dial, or a dial from a different model that fits the Wilson bezel nicely, or an uncatalogued oddity.

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    1. The Justin is solid gold - so that makes it less common - but it was made for three years. It's an unusual-shaped watch too and that might have limited it's appeal.

      I don't have one on the blog because I haven't restored one yet. I'd be happy to double your money if you want to sell it for $2... ha ha!

      You can contact me by email using the "clicking here" link above my photo in the upper right or through my Etsy shop.

    2. ohh thank you for that info. i will send pics. Wow, double my money, hmm.... let me think about that... HAHA. thanks soo much.

    3. i emailed you HandyDan.. with oics. i hope i sent to your email

  6. Handy Dan, I have a men's Hamilton wristwatch from the 60's that I can't identify through the catalogs. My grandmother had it engraved on the back of the case as 4-28-65 for their anniversary. It is silver, square, winding, No "H" on the face (just "Hamilton") and has the small seconds hand at 6:00. Also the 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 are dashed indices and of course there is no 6. Can you help?

    1. Probably. Send me a photo through Etsy or be email. See the "clicking here" above my photo on the upper right.

  7. Hi,
    I have a 1956 Donavan (presentation) watch but cannot find hardly any information about that model. I would like to know some history on it and if it is worth getting restored.
    Thank you,

    1. I can't tell you too much about it that you probably don't already know. It was introduced in 1955 and made through 1957. Would have a 754 movement early on and then a 770 in late 1955 through 57. I don't have one on the blog yet so email me or contact me through Etsy if it needs an overhaul.

    2. Thank you for your response. Is the reason for the dearth of info for this model because it is less desirable or popular? Maybe because it is a presentation model? I will contact you through ETSY if I decide it is worth overhauling. I love these vintage Hamiltons and researching the history.

  8. I am looking at buying a watch that the seller claims is a 1950's Hamilton. Could I email you the pictures and get your opinion on whether or not it is a legitimate vintage hamilton?

    1. Sure. You can contact me through Etsy or the “click here” above my photo in the upper right.

  9. I have a 1959 Hamilton's watch not gold in original condition with I believe snake band wondering the value of it

    1. Not gold, meaning stainless steel? Value depends on what it is.

  10. This blog is a historically significant monument to Hamilton watch history at this point. This should all be preserved indefinitely like so many watches. I don't know how but it needs to happen. Thank you very much for all the information and photos you have so tirelessly collected and freely given to all of us.

  11. I am pretty sure i just acquired a hamilton montclair (1959 ) or so, but noticed the bezel is noted being 10kt rgp. Instead of 14kt. Do you know if any of the montclairs came in 10kt? Also, do you think it may be worth something? It still works just need cleaning.

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  13. Would like to know how many k100 were produced I never have seen another for sale. What would be the price if one came up for sale is it rare compared with other k models. Thank you .

    1. I have no idea how many were made, there are no records for that info. They come up for sale very rarely. Value depends on condition and if there's interest.

  14. Thank you. Wish I had more information. Also is it a popular modelk100. .

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  16. Hi Dan,

    Your blog is amazing! I was hoping you could help me with some detective work. I found a classified ad from 1950 and I'm trying to pinpoint which watch it might be describing. The only details I have are that the ad was placed in Wisconsin in May of 1950 and it for a "Hamilton 17 jewel" and they wanted $35 for it. I'm assuming it was a relatively new watch in 1950 if they were asking almost face value?

    If you can even narrow down what model this might be, I'd really appreciate it. I know next to nothing about watches, so finding your blog has been a big help! Thanks!

  17. Hi Daria, the retail price of the least expensive gold filled models in 1950 was well over $60. Solid gold models exceeded $100. So it's safe to assume the ad was for a gold filled model but beyond that you'd need more info to narrow the list of possible candidates.

    1. This still helps a lot. It appears the watch may have been not cheap, yet not high-end, either. Thanks much!

  18. Hi Mr, Dan. I have a pretty good size collection of vintage watches and pocket watches. I recently dug out my 14kt 1953 Hamilton Preston.i can't find any info on it, other than your very informative info. My entire collection (300-400+ pieces) is up for grabs, but, I'm very intrigued with the Preston, history, value, etc..., it's in wonderful condition, but does need a major cleaning. Hope to hear from you very soon. Hopefully, you'll be able to help me find a good home for my entire collection. Thank you so much for taking the time out to assist me.

    1. You have to email me or contact me through Etsy or Instagram if you wanted to hear from me

  19. Hey Dan what is your email? I have a question about a watch I bought

    1. You can contact me through Etsy, Instagram, or clicking the "contact me by clicking here" link at the top of this page

  20. I have a Hamilton electric . Squareish case round face . Crown on bottom right. Can’t find anything that looks like it. And can’t get back off to change battery. Help!

    1. Probably opens through the crystal

    2. Thanks I’ll have to look into that.