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Saturday, December 15, 2012

1949 Dewitt

The 1949 Hamilton Dewitt was made for three years but they must have made a ton of them - as they are always coming up for sale.  I think they must have been very popular too - as I typically find them in very worn condition, so they must have been well loved.

The Dewitt comes in a 10K yellow gold filled case with fluted lugs.  It looks very similar to the Eric - which was made at the same time.  However the Dewitt is slightly smaller and the inside of the lugs taper to the outside.  I wonder if that's why they advertised it as "especially popular among young men of exceptional judgment"?

Behind the dial is a 17 jewel 747 movement.  The dial is white finished sterling silver with solid gold numerals.

I think I've restored at least a half dozen Dewitts and they always turn out nice.  Below is a typical example.

As received, this Dewitt had a nice case but a dirty dial in need of refinishing and due for a crystal replacement too.

With a new crystal installed and a fresh refinish on top of a serviced 747 movement (as well as a new second hand), this Dewitt is ready for wrist time.

Here's another Dewitt that I just finished overhauling this weekend and will probably post to my "watches for sale" page.  I happened to have another project watch that came with a bracelet that looks like an exact match for the Dewitt.  I put it on and it looks great!

For comparison, here's a wrist shot of a 1948 Eric.  As you can see, it's quite similar to the Dewitt.

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