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Friday, March 29, 2013

1956 Paxton B

The Hamilton Paxton is an interesting anomaly among Hamilton models.  It has a "B" model that precedes the regular, non-B model.  Generally the B model follows the regular model and represents a change in the movement used.  Many times the catalogs don't even state the change... the B just shows up inside the case.  You can't tell the difference between a regular model and a B model from the outside.

For example the Boulton uses the 19 jewel 982 movement and the Boulton B uses the 19 jewel 753 movement that replaced the 982 in 1952.  There were lots of B-variants in the 1950's.

In 1956 Hamilton introduced the Paxton "B".

Then the Paxton was introduced in 1957.  It was also produced in 1958.

I recently received a Paxton B project watch.  As received, it was quite dirty and a little scratched up.  However, it was running so I knew it would make a nice project watch.

Under the dial is a Hamilton Illinois 12/0-sized movement.  I'm not that familiar with the Illinois movements from the 1950's so I'm not sure what the model number is for this movement - it says TXD on the balance bridge but that's the import code for Illinois.  Imported Hamilton movements have HYL on the balance bridge.  I suspect Illinois movements didn't get a specific caliber movement.

The dial was dirty, but original with a nice white finish and embossed gold numerals and markers.

The Illinois movement is Swiss-made and it's stamped ETA and 1220 under the balance.  So this is an ETA 1220 - which is what I would need to know if I needed to buy a part for it.

And here it is all cleaned up and timed after a fresh overhaul, the crystal polished, the dial lightly cleaned and a new black alligator-grain strap installed.


  1. Hi Dan,

    The 'TXD' is the import code, a requirement for the US market. Different companies had different codes. Elgin's was YXY, for example. These identified the importer, not the movement manufacturer. Nice piece! Reminds me of a Lord Elgin Wakefield.

  2. How much does a watch like this sell for?

  3. Hello I have one that’s very similar and I’m having a hard time finding the SN. Where did you located it?