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Monday, May 6, 2013

1962 Thinline 4003

Super-sleek designs became very fashionable in the 1960's.  Think about how the first generation Chevy Corvette evolved into the Stingray.... sweet!

Hamilton had all sorts of stylish watches in a variety of grades and some of the ultra-thin models were in the Thinline lineup.  A good example is the 1962 Thinline 4003.  The Thinline 4003 was only produced for two years.

In person, the Thinline 4003 is very cool looking watch.  I love the funky hour hand and baton minute hand!

I recently purchased a project watch and it was in great shape.  All it needed was a fresh overhaul and a strap.  It's interesting to see how the catalog's artistic representation has a slightly different crown than the real watch.  I know mine is correct because the case has stem tube that protrudes so the gasket in the crown can provide a waterproof seal.

Under the dial is a 17 jewel 687 movement.  The outside circumference of the watch movement is tapered or beveled to give it the ability to fit into a very thin case.

The dial is super nice too with a gold band going around the perimeter.  It gives the impression of a large reflective ring inside the crystal, but it's really a part of the dial.

The overhaul went great all the way up to my installing the screw into the mainspring barrel arbor - and then I broke it off!  %^&%*!!!  I was able to back the broken part out of the arbor - but now I need a new screw so that I can wind the watch.

I reassembled it and it looks fantastic - but, alas, it will just have to wait until I get a new screw for the ratchet wheel.


I happened to score another 4003... this one came in it's original box with it's original bracelet... sweet!


  1. Do you happen to have a spare crown for this watch?

  2. i found my grandmothers thinline all gold watch, it does not have the numbers on the face though, just an "H" for the 12. Do you know the model number of this one?