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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1954 Automatic K-502

Automatic, or self-winding, watches date back to the early half of the last century.  Hamilton was not on the cutting edge of innovation when it came to this type of unique watch movements.  In fact, Hamilton didn't offer any automatic models until 1954.

In 1954 Hamilton introduced a dozen new automatic models into the product line, including it's first-ever calendar watch (the K-575).  From then on, automatics would grow in significance within Hamiltons offering.

Hamilton also introduced the model nomenclature it would use going forward, where the first number denotes the type of material the bezel is made of... 1xx would be 18K gold, 2xx is 14K gold, 3xx is 10K gold, 4xx gold filled and 5xx is stainless steel.

One of the twelve new models was the Automatic K-502.  It was produced for only one year.

The K-502 is a sturdy watch thanks to the stainless steel case.  The embossed dial features luminous dots and the dauphine style hands are also luminous.  Behind the dial you will probably find Hamilton's 661 movement - but I'm not 100% sure though, as I sold my only example and don't have a movement photo.  The 661 is used in most of the early automatics though.

The Automatic K-502 is a nice looking watch, but a little plain in my opinion.  I'm sure if it came in a black dialed version it would have been much more popular.

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