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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1932 Whitney

There are some 1930's models that are pretty hard to come by - at least in really good shape.  One of them is the 1932 Whitney.  It was produced through 1934.

The Whitney came in either a 14K yellow or white gold filled case.  Depending upon the year, buyers could select from either a luminous dial or an applied gold numeral dial - although the latter was called a Raised Gold Figure (RGF) dial.

The Whitney is notorious for wear through on the bezel and case due to the prominent features of the unique stepped-case design.

Behind the dial is a 6/0 size 17 jewel 987-F movement.  The 987F is identical to the 987 movement, excepted the jewel settings are held in place with Friction, instead of screws.  Otherwise all of the other parts are the same.

I recently has a friend send me his "new" Whitney.  It wasn't running and he needed some help.  It was in great shape, otherwise.

A close up of the movement revealed that it was bright and shiny.  I can normally tell a serviced movement by the brilliance of the gold-colored jewel settings (chatons).  They seem to be a good litmus test for cleanliness.  These chatons look great.

When I looked at the front of the watch, I noticed the second hand was up against the dial... so much so that the watch had stopped.  I lifted the second hand up a little and off the watch went running.  In fact, it was running so well that I don't think I could get it any better.

The inside of the case back appears to say GS May-13 so maybe it was serviced last year?  Or maybe it was May 17 this year?

The best part of the watch though is the pillow shot.  My friend has a knack for buying "handyman specials" and spending a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) on getting them to look and run well.  This just proves that even a blind hog finds an apple every now and again!  Ha ha!

This Whitney is awesome - I wish it was mine but, alas, it has to go back to it's rightful owner. 


  1. Hello, do you know if there is any evidence of the Whitney made in 1935 or containing a 987E? The serial number on the movement would date it to 1935 I believe.

    1. Not that many, I've seen some records with a number as small as 2

  2. Hello, is there any whitnWy's modern reissues?

  3. Not sure if I saw the comment post, but I was wondering if this listing for Whitney had a refinished dial. It doesn't seem to be applied gold numeral, nor luminous. And I can find another example. Thank you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/335274976270

    1. Can't* find another example.

    2. It's not a correct Whitney dial as you can probably see by the miss-matched gap between the minutes track and the bezel opening.

    3. Thank you for that information. I see that now. I knew a few things looked a little sloppy but I couldn't put my finger on it.