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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1935 Prescott - Overhaul

The first of two models named Prescott was introduced in 1935 and only made for one year.  The Prescott is one of a handful of watches that featured moveable lugs.

Photobucket Prescott2

The Prescott came in a 14K gold filled case with only one dial option... a silver dial finished white with solid gold markers.  The hand style on a Prescott is called "baton".

Prescotts are pretty uncommon models but they do turn up occasionally.  The trick to getting a nice Prescott is to get one with a nice case - as they can wear extensively to the long edge of the bezel between the lugs.

I have a nice Prescott that was due for an overhaul so I will show you how it's went.  This Prescott has a well-above average case.

 photo Prescott01_zpsceb0c6fa.jpg

The dial is original.  The easiest way to tell is the area within the seconds track is bright finished, where everything else is white.  A refinished dial will often have this area white as well - or even painted silver - but it should look like bare silver.

 photo Prescott02_zps17679d19.jpg

1935 was pretty much the last year of the 987F and you might find a Prescott with a 987E.  A 987A would certainly be wrong and a 987 would be too - although both would fit and work fine.

 photo Prescott03_zps7b15e98a.jpg

With the movement out of the case back, the first thing to come off is the hands.  The second hand will come off when I remove the dial.

 photo Prescott04_zps11cabe0b.jpg

With the dial gone, the cannon pinion, hour wheel, minute wheel and setting wheel can come off.

 photo Prescott05_zps38b0730f.jpg

With the front cleaned of the movement is ready to turn over.

 photo Prescott06_zpsf4982b65.jpg

The fist thing to do with the back exposed is to release the tension from the mainspring - this one had run all the way down so no tension was left.

Next, the barrel bridge is removed, along with the winding wheel and ratchet wheel.

 photo Prescott07_zps546ffefc.jpg

The mainspring barrel, center wheel and third wheel are exposed once the bridge is removed.  The stem, winding pinion and clutch come out at this point too.

 photo Prescott08_zpsf2c0690a.jpg

Two screws hold the train bridge on.  Once they are removed the fourth wheel and the escape wheel are ready to come out.

 photo Prescott09_zps7b00a34e.jpg

Everything is removed with the exception of the balance and pallet fork.  They come off next.

 photo Prescott10_zps5de6ada7.jpg

With the balance out of the way, access to the two screws that hold the pallet fork in place is obtained.  That comes out next.  And everything is ready to go into the cleaner.

 photo Prescott11_zps73f51f4a.jpg

While the parts are being cleaned and rinsed, I will ready a new mainspring to go into the barrel.  A mainspring winder makes short work of this tricky operation.

 photo Prescott13_zps64d1739b.jpg

The old mainspring still had some life to it but it's a good idea to put a new one in if you want to have a healthy action and long running watch.

 photo Prescott14_zps6f82f76b.jpg

Here the spring is wound into the mainspring winder.  A little pusher will slide it into the barrel.

 photo Prescott15_zps0e637108.jpg

And here it is again, in it's new home along with the arbor in the center.

 photo Prescott16_zps6a3bccc5.jpg

All the parts have been cleaned and set out to dry.  Now it's time for reassembly.

 photo Prescott17_zps3c5093ff.jpg

Everything goes back in the way it came out... first in is the pallet fork.

 photo Prescott18_zpsbc807613.jpg

Then the escape wheel and the fourth wheel.

 photo Prescott21_zps8795b570.jpg

Then the third wheel, center wheel and mainspring barrel.

 photo Prescott22_zps3fa22c20.jpg

The barrel bridge holds everything in place.  And the winding wheel and ratchet wheel go on next.

 photo Prescott23_zps79223af2.jpg

The balance assembly goes on next and the watch can go onto the timer.  Looks pretty good, 4 seconds slow per day with good amplitude thanks to a a fresh mainspring.

 photo Prescott24_zps5fd30f89.jpg

The dial and hands go back on and everything is ready to go back into the case.

 photo Prescott25_zps873d8e6a.jpg

And here's the finished product - ready for some more wrist time.

 photo Prescott26_zps1ac3cdc2.jpg


  1. nice to know another Hamilton collector out there!

  2. There are plenty of us. Join this forum if you haven't already. http://www.vintagewatchforums.com You won't find a friendlier group of collectors out there and you definitely won't find a more knowledgeable one.

  3. If you ever need to get an unexpected, very special gift for that hard to surprise person in your life, Dan's ETSY site is the place to go. This Prescott made my Mother very happy and surprised at her birthday this past winter in Dallas Texas. Dan kept this project secret as my Mother is a avid collector. Not an easy task I'm sure. We continue to visit ( and buy ) from Dan's ever growing collection. Thanks again, Jlm in DE