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Thursday, February 28, 2013

1953 Cranston

Introduced in 1953, the Hamilton Cranston was produced for only two years.  It's very similar to some other period models, like the Boulton, except the Cranston is a little bigger, or wider anyway.

The Cranston features Hamilton's newly introduced 19 jewel, 12/0 sized 753 movement.  The 753 replaced the 19 jewel 14/0 sized 982 movement.  Some 982 models that were made in 1953 became "B" varieties... like the Boulton B for example.

The Cranston also offers a beefy 10K gold filled case with lots of angles.  Back in my Navy days I would have described it as "stealthy".  It also has an 18mm lug width so it accommodates a substantial-looking strap too.

The dial is sterling silver with solid 18K gold numerals and markers.  The numeral / marker dial is one of the best clues to identify a Cranston from other similar shaped models.

I recently picked up a Cranston at one of my favorite local jewelers.  It came on a garden-variety Spiedel expansion bracelet so I was happy to remove that and outfit it with a nice genuine lizard strap.  After a thorough cleaning, it's running as great as it looks!

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