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Sunday, June 23, 2013

1965 Sea Mate II

Hamilton must have about 30 or more models named Sea-something.  So many, in fact, that they took to adding roman numerals to mark new models.  A good example is the 1965 Sea Mate II.  It's a completely different model than the 1959 Sea-Mate issued a few years earlier.

The Sea Mate II was one of a few watches that continued to be produced after 1969 - the year Hamilton was sold to what is now the Swatch Group.  It was produced until 1971.  Three dials where available... a white butler finished dial, a black dial and also a masonic dial.

The case is 10k rolled gold plate, RGP, with a stainless steel back.  It opens through the crystal so it has a two-piece stem.  I have found that these one-piece cases with a gold bezel and stainless back must be confusing to a lot of people - as it's not unusual to see pry-marks on the back where someone has tried to separate the two sections.

Inside is a Swiss-made Hamilton 688 movement... the same as an ETA 2390 with 17 jewels.

I recently picked up a Sea Mate II project watch.  After an overhaul, dial cleaning, new crystal and a strap - I think it turned out fantastic.


  1. How much would you say this watch is worth?

  2. All fixed up and in serviced condition probably $200, in my opinion. A black dialed version, probably more.

  3. I was trying to identify an old watch that I have and Hamilton told me what it was and sent me to your site. Great information.

  4. Hi,

    Just got myself a decent example of this SeaMate II.

    Missing the male portion of the winding stem and crown. Do you have a source where I might be able to procure a stem and crown.

    There seem to be stems for the eta 2390 - but can’t find the split versions that Hamilton used on this model?

    Any help would be great.



    1. Hi Russ. The male portion is a tap 10 male hub. Any tap 10 hub should work fine, as long as it's trimmed to the correct length. If you look on ebay for a "tap 10 male stem" you'll see them

  5. That’s great information.

    Thank you SO much. 👍🏼

  6. So, all fixed up and running - got to say, I’m REALLY pleased with the results - just got to find myself a decent crown now!

    Thanks for your help and encouragement. Very much appreciated.

  7. Hello, found your site via internet search in effort to I.D. my Hamiltons.
    I seem to have a sea mate II but need a new crystal.
    The previous owner had a low dome crystal[which I liked], but whoever installed it had put a horribly thick and tall tension ring on it which [1] intruded onto the dial, almost touching the 3,6,9 numerals, and it also stuck up higher than the bezel itself[viewed from the side of the case].
    I tried a local watchmaker who put on a new crystal [with tension ring], but his replacement was a 'high dome' which is almost FLAT on top, and the walls protrude pretty high up [ doubling the case's depth] which doesn't look appropriate for a watch w/ a slim case
    So... my question to you is this:
    What would be the proper replacement crystal for this model?
    Does it actually need the tension ring?
    where can I obtain the proper replacement crystal?

    1. Low profile crystals are hard to fit to models with sweep second hands. I don't recall the crystal that goes on a Sea Mate II but it doesn't look like it has a reflector ring. Normally a GS PHD style is what is called for, in the correct diameter.

  8. Hello, I’m by no means an expert and can only speak as I find. My example of the Sea Mate II has a nice rounded dome shape crystal, that has no tension ring at all. A crystal lifter is needed to remove it, and it completely self-supports once re-fitted.
    With regards to replacement, sorry - I haven’t had to do this with mine, but there are a number of places still stocking crystals for these old pieces.
    Hope you find something that fits and does it justice.

  9. Hello, I bought this watch for 300£ it is worth? Anyway is George wristwatch!