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Saturday, April 25, 2015

1952 Kennett

There are a number of watches that don't show up in the catalogs for whatever reason.  The Oval, Vancott, Automatic K-451 immediately come to mind but there are quite a few others.

Another to add to the list is the Kennett.  The conventional wisdom is it's a 1952 model.  I'm not sure how long it was produced.

My Kennett project watch arrived in relatively nice shape.  The glass crystal was a bit scratched but otherwise it looked very promising.  Sorry for the slightly blurry photo - too late now to replace it.

Tucked inside the 10K gold filled case is a 17 jewel 12/0 size 752 movement.  This one is missing a lot of the black enamel in the lettering but it say 752 at the bottom between the two bridge screws.

Fortunately the inside of the case back says Kennett - so even though the model doesn't show up in the catalogs it's very easy to identify.

All the parts are cleaned and ready to be reassembled.

I noticed the crown stands a little far away from the side of the case.  I could fix that by shortening the stem a little.  However, I can't move the set lever screw.  Some moisture got in there and rusted it solid.  I could possibly bust it loose but this is probably better treated as one of those... if it ain't broke... situations.

The white alloy mainspring has been rewound in my mainspring winder... now I just need to reinstall it in the barrel.

The movement is back to running order so next stop is the timer.

Just a little tweaking is in order to bring the beat rate in line.  Everyhing else looks fine.

The dial and hands go back on and the works goes back inside the case.  A new black lizard strap completes the overhaul and this 1952 Kennett is ready for some more wrist time.


  1. Why was the dial originally two tone and now, after cleaning it is one tone ???

    1. It’s still two tone but the effect is also dependent on lighting.

  2. O that's a relief i thought u may have accidentally damaged it