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Friday, July 27, 2012

1930 Gladstone

Hamilton's wrist watch line-up really expanded at the end of the 1920's with several new models that had pretty long production runs.  Some of these watches were fairly large for their time and even wear well by today's standards... okay, maybe not that big, but presentable anyway.

Take for example the 1930 Gladstone.  Some price lists show the Gladstone as early as 1927 but I think they first appeared in Hamilton's catalogs in 1930.  They were available through 1934.

The model came in green gold fill and white gold fill.  Green gold is an alloy with other metals added that give the gold a greenish tint.  It's sometimes very hard to tell green gold from yellow gold and  models came in all three colors.  Often the easiest way to tell them apart is side by side.

However, for the Gladstone it's not a problem - as they're typically only green and white.  Hamilton made over three times as many white gold filled examples, with a ratio of approximately 16,500 white to 4,600 green.  Catalogs show that natural (yellow) gold was available in the later years but I think they're pretty rare in yellow.

Dials came in luminous as well as black enamel.

The case is a three-piece case with an engraved center section, back cover and plain front bezel.

The model used a size 6/0, 17 jewel 987 movement and you'll often find a 987F under the hood.

Here's a couple of wrist shots of my two examples, first green and then white.

and check out this sweet engraving... "they don't make them like this anymore".

Now I just need to find one of those enamel-dialed versions...


  1. I found an old Gladstone but I'm having a heck of a time finding the right crystal. Can you let me know where to get a replacement (or what are the best dimensions if doing a custom)?

  2. I have, but I don't have the experience to know which of the 5 of 6 different crystals that are the right dimension will fit. I measured ~244x185. Where do you get your replacements?

    1. Sellers on eBay... I only see one glass crystal on there now and it’s the one I’d get.

  3. I am hapless (my first attempt at refinishing). I solved the crystal issue. I went to send my hands and dial to International Dial and I saw the hour hand had broken. Do you have advice about fixing? It's a lume version. I check eBay and don't see a set for sale.

    Thoughts are welcome

    1. The hands on the Gladstone are a little smaller than the open spade hands on round luminous models (like the Endicott). You’ll either have to use larger hands or you’ll need to find a donor like another Gladstone, perhaps a Perry, etc.

  4. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to use the complete balance of the hamilton 987A for a hamilton 987F? , I have a perry with a slightly damaged spiral and I can't find a full balance for 987F, thanks

    1. Yes and no but mostly no. The 987A shares the same balance as a 987E with the exception of the hairspring stud is in a different orientation. So to use a 987A balance in a 987E would require changing the hairspring stud. The balance would also fit a 987 and 987F but technically they use a slightly different balance. Check out this post for a photo comparison. http://www.hamiltonchronicles.com/2013/11/1936-morley-overhaul.html

  5. I have a Gladstone from my grandfather
    I cannot find it anywhere online
    If anyone would know how I can find what year and value it might be worth can you email me at