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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1948 Ashley

In 1948 Hamilton introduced the Ashley... one of the few men's named watches that today you might associate as a feminine name - but I always remind myself of Scarlett O'Hara's first love in "Gone with the Wind".

The Ashley was produced for three years and discontinued after 1950.


The Ashley came in a 14K gold filled case with rounded lugs that give the Ashley an elegant, dress watch look.  It's not unusual to find some wear through on the high points of the lugs, but sometimes a thick crystal has offered it some protection.

The butler finished sterling silver dial came with solid 18K numerals and dots.

Under the hood will be a 14/0 sized, 19 jewel 982 movement.

I think the Ashely is a decent sized watch for the time but it's certainly small enough to easily work as a ladies watch by todays standards.  It's similar to other models from the same period, specifically the Eaton and the Lester.  I sometimes you have to look closely to make sure I'm identifying them correctly.

Here's a wrist shot of the Ashley that I wore today.



  1. I like the Ashley.its my name too. Is it a common watch to buy these days? And what price do they go for? Thanks ps love reading your posts:) Ashley in the uk

  2. The Ashley is fairly common and easy to spot when it's for sale. I would say in unrestored condition it's readily obtained for under $100. All fixed up and serviced I would say $150 - $180 is a fair price.

    1. Thanks for that information it helped

  3. Hi All,
    I just picked up an Ashley that needs a crystal.
    Do you feel one could be found or would it have to be custom?
    Thanks for the interesting site!

    1. Sure, look on eBay. There are several options and you can also email the sellers and ask them directly.