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Sunday, November 18, 2012

1951 Jeffrey

I like the 1951 Hamilton Jeffrey because it shares the same name as one of my best friends... the sort of friend you can go years without seeing but immediately take up where you left off the moment you see them again.

The Hamilton Jeffrey was produced until 1953.

The model comes in a 10K gold filled case and features solid 18K gold numerals on a two-tone sterling silver dial.

The Jeffrey also bridges two periods of 17 jewel movements.  It started out with the 14/0 sized 980 movement and when that was discontinued it received the 12/0 sized 752 movement.

Like similarly shaped models, the Jeffrey will often show wear to the ridges of the lugs, as well as on the case back.

It's a nice looking model in my opinion, especially with the two tone dial.


  1. The later grade 752 model is actually called the "Jeffrey B" and is engraved that way on the inside:



    I gave this one to a friend who is also a "Jeffrey B".

    Nice blog!

  2. Thanks for confirming my hypothesis - that's the same with models like the Boulton-B, Austin-B, etc. That spanned the 1951 - 1953 timeframe. The catalogs make no distinction with when movements changed and sometimes they include the -B and sometimes they don't. I think most time's they don't.

  3. Did the "Jeffrey" have another dial configuration featuring a solid (as opposed to a two tone) face and markers at "3", "6", "9", and "12" rather than numbers, which appear elsewhere? I have one the case of which appears to be a "Jeffrey" but has these features. Might this be another model with a very similar case?

    1. Not the Jeffrey but the Austin-B is very similar and has a plain dial with markers as you describe. Plus it's different from the Austin, which had a two tone dial like the Jeffrey does.


    2. No, this Hamilton does not have the "Austin's" streamlined, part-of-the-case lugs. It has the "Jeffrey's" slightly curved built-onto-the-case lugs. What model might it be?

    3. Might it be a Milton or a Grover, which have similar lugs?

  4. Not sure if a facebook link will work, but I saw what appears to be a vintage Hamilton Jeffrey ad that looks like what Mulfweef is describing: Jeffrey