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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1935 Cabot

Having posted the 1950's Cabot the other day, it reminded me that I haven't talked about the earlier version of the Cabot yet.  Released in 1935 with the debut of the "new" 14/0 sized movements, the original Cabot was produced for four years.

In the earliest years of the 14/0 movement, the solid gold models got the 19 jewel 982 movement and the gold filled models got the 17 jewel 980.  Since the Cabot is in a 14K gold filled case, you're most likely to find a 980 behind the dial.

Once the 982M (medallion movement) was introduced (in 1940 I think) the 982 went into gold filled cases too, depending on the model.

Like other models from this period, the Cabot came with either an applied gold numeral dial with solid gold numerals or a black enamel dial.  The latter is less common, but still relatively easy to find.

I wonder if the Cabot was the inspiration for the Boulton?  The Boulton was released in 1940 and a modern version is still being made today!

The Cabot is a nice looking watch, in my opinion, and I definitely like the look of the enamel dial - which was not available with the Boulton.

Here's a before and after of an AGN dialed Cabot to show you what a difference just cleaning the dial can make.

Here's the before:

and here's after:

I think it's funny how what was originally dark became light and vice versa. These two toned butler / white finished dials are very striking.

Here's a wrist shot of my enamel dialed Cabot.

The style of hands is called "solid diamond" and I think they really look great.


  1. Beautiful watch, I currently have a Hamilton Cabot like this one and the dial could use a cleaning. I've tried mild soap and water but am afraid of removing some of the print as I've done in the past. What method do you use? Thanks, Bryan

  2. I use Haggerty Jewelry cleaning concentrate full strength... soak and then rinse in cold water. I find it takes repeated attempts to get it mostly clean and if you go any further the lettering fades. So you're best off not doing anything unless you're willing to get it refinished.

  3. I'm curious, was the Cabot, or other Hamilton watches made in 1935, offered just for men, or for both men and women? Thanks

    1. It’s a mans model. Hamilton had an extensive ladies line. If a lady wanted a mans watch I’m sure a jeweler would be happy to sell it to her.