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Monday, October 29, 2012

1953 Haddon CLD

I recently picked up a Hamilton Haddon as a project watch. I had a Haddon a long time ago and sold it. But I'm a sucker for an old Hamilton in need of tender loving care, so I bought another one.

The Haddon CLD was part of the second generation of CLD (sealed) watches.  It's quite a bit larger than the first generation Langdon - which is the closest comparison.  It was produced for only two years and two different dial arrangements were available; either a AGN dial or a luminous marker dial.

The Haddon has a two piece case with a pop-off front bezel and a case back with integrated lugs.  Like most CLD models, the Haddon's 8/0 sized 747 movement is held in the case back and is pulled out the front when the bezel is popped off.  It uses a two-piece stem, since there's no access to the back of the movement while it's in the case.

I have found that many of these 2nd generation CLD's typically wear okay and any wear through you're likely to find will be on the reverse, near the crown.  I don't know why that is but I bet it occurs at least half the time.

As received, my Haddon was in typical shape.  It was quite dirty but nothing a thorough cleaning wouldn't take care of.

I'm not sure if the bracelet on it is original to the watch.  It could be or maybe it's just a very close likeness.  I usually put straps on my watches but I kind of like the way this one looks with it's bracelet... original or not.

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