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Saturday, October 27, 2012

1948 Hayden

Hamilton introduced a lot of new models in 1948, partly because they also introduced two new 8/0 sized movements to utilize them - the 747 and 748.  However, the 14/0 sized movementsdeveloped in the mid 1930's were still very popular and would continue to be used into the 1950's.

One of the new 14/0 models in 1948 was the Hayden.  It would be produced through 1952.

The Hayden featured the 19 jewel 982 movement in a 14k gold filled case.  The case is most commonly found in yellow but there are also examples in white gold filled.  The white versions are more scarce.

The dial is a butler finished silver dial with solid gold numerals and matching hands.  With the white case, the numerals and hands are rhodium plated.

The case is interesting in that it is one of a handful of Hamilton models that featured hidden lugs.  The strap is mounted underneath the bezel, in a hollowed out area.  I think the case tends to wear pretty well and is usually in good shape whenever I see one.  It could be because of the crystal's thick and curved shape offers some protection.

It's a fairly small watch, especially by modern standards, and could easily be worn by a woman today.

Here's a couple of shots of a Hayden I've had in my collection for quite some time.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I bought one with a white gold case and it's a nice watch! Your information helped me verify it and i appreciate that!

  2. Dan, I found it! This is the watch my other comment was asking you about - a Hayden.

    New question - is there any way for me to know which year my watch is from between '48 and '52?

    Gilles Amardeil

    1. You can look up the serial number of the movement on pocketwatchdatabase.com

  3. Thanks so much Dan! Really appreciate you.