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Saturday, February 7, 2015

1967 M-69-4

Here's a new one for me, literally and figuratively.  I recently picked up a project watch that I thought was a 1964 M69-2, a model that I've already posted about.

M 69-2 photo ScreenShot2013-11-17at75210PM_zps8c83fd76.png

However, when it arrived I noticed a few subtleties that made me rethink things.  I posted it to a the Vintage Watch Forum, and one of my forum mates identified it as a 1967 M69-4.

That was very interesting in a couple of ways.  First, I didn't know Hamilton made M-series watches in any years other than 1964.  Second, I found out there are other resources out there to help identify watches.  There are a number of "mystery watches" and perhaps we'll someday collect enough reference materials to be able to formally identify them.

Anyway, the M69-4 looks a lot like a 1965 Dateline S-575 that I've also posted about.   Tucked inside the stainless steel case is a Hamilton 688 Swiss-made movement.  The white dial has a radial finish with silver-colored numerals and markers.

Since I thought the watch was a M69-2, I wasn't planning on posting about it.  So I didn't take any "before" shots.  It arrived in typical project-watch condition - rather beat up, dirty, and in this case it wasn't working either.

Fortunately, all it really needed was a thorough cleaning and a new crystal to look "good as new".

You can compare the photo above to the Dateline S-575 below.  They are almost identical except for the date window at the 3 position and the vertical and horizontal lines on the dial.

Dateline S-579 photo ScreenShot2015-02-07at53444PM_zpse7d5ab92.png

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